Epistle Ages

The Age of Uprising
-When the lesser races rose up against the Elven World Empire.

The Age of Elderguard
-when Simune’s empire rose to its apex, culminating with her consuming Kaparaka

The Age of Simune
-When Simune was driven to greater hunger by Kaparaka and went on a quest to consume all Gods ending with her destruction. Also formation of the Scarlet Empire by the Crimson Emperor.

The Age of Kaparaka
-when the elves were exterminated and Kaparaka was reborn.

The Age of Death
- when an angel of the apocalypse came to wipe the world clean.

The Age of Unity
- When the tower was erected and Thaa first attacked

The Age of Thaa
-when He died and Thaa arrived. Prelude to end of time.

The Last Age
-when Joe Zappa saved the world.

The Age of Enlightenment [current]
-A Glorious Dawn awaits the people of the Epistle.

Epistle Ages

The Evicting Epistle Invictus