The Absolute Ruler



Also Known As:
Symbols: a slave collar, shackles, a longsword sans cross guard, a plain ring made from sword iron
Morality: Lawful, Evil, Wrath

Texsomalus is the hell lord of Paradise: a hostile hellscape sphere covered in tearing windstorms. Within it can be found his animated monuments, his endless armories and his manufactured demonic host.

Two rings, one of fire and one of water, orbit over the realm intersecting at even parallels: these intersections cover the world in boiling storms of steam that scorch, rip and tear. Above Paradise is a series of moons made of enormous, eternally petrifying, plants: these Corpse Moons are constantly leaking a form of naptha that rains down upon the world. Often the naptha will intersect with the ring of fire striking the world with oil based firestorms. Walking the world in perfect, never colliding, patterns are the various works of Texsomalus: iron machines all built in effigy to him. These creations range in size from smaller then a housecat to larger then mountains. All are built to resemble the Absolute Ruler, all constantly walk across the world. Dotting the surface of Paradise are enormous cylindrical bunkers, these Vaults house the weapons of Texsomalus: endless amounts of perfectly forged longswords, all built to precisely the same specifications. Texsomalus’s home base within the hellscape has yet to be found. None know where the Absolute Ruler dwells within Paradise.

Texsomalus is a great iron humanoid. He possesses a pot belly furnace in his lower body, these fires burn with the heat of suns and illuminate any area he deigns to inhabit. He has two sets of spindly arms that are covered in long arching blades, his hands ending in metal claws. The Absolute Ruler’s face is simple, smooth, metal interrupted by two erratic tears in the iron where the light of his eyes burn from. His mouth is a simple seam when closed but rapidly expands into a drain of whirling metal and gears when speaking. Atop his head is a mess of twisted and shaking steel rebar, a stand in for hair.

Once there was a world where the gods were in charge of shaping the landscape and things living upon it. Many of the gods worked together and created a world of balance and peace, but one of the gods was not content. Texsomalus’s ideas and suggestions were shunned by the other gods and in his rage over being left out he devised a plan. He tore out his own divine spark and fashioned it into a weapon to be used agasint the gods and in one brutal campaign slew them all and fashioned their essences into tools for him to make the world as he pleased. Texsomalus shrugged off his divinity, disgusted at the idea of depending on lesser creatures for prayer and survival, and became a titan. He fashioned a second world he named paradise: one that reflected what he saw as a perfect realm. Texsomalus’s cruelty, contempt for free will and thirst for absolute control cemented Paradise as a hellscape for him to rule over.


demon host


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