The Devastator

He Who Never Ceases to Fall

“I will rise up from the chaos
I will rise up from the grave
A brother to the darkness
A master to the slaves”

Also Known As:
The Laughing Lord, Lord Evil, The Black Knight, Edward The Devastator, The Fallen, Lord of Madness, Sekt
Symbols: A shattered axe, a skeletal fist, a goat skull, a defaced paladin’s holy symbol
Morality: Chaotic, Evil, Gluttony

The Devastator is the hell lord of Inferrous, a hellscape of plummeting iron islands covered in battlements and war. Its centerpiece is a shattered cathedral to a once righteous hero, at the center of which there is a grand crater where The Devastator’s body lies.

The Devastator is a mummified man in a shredded saints burial shroud. His face is contorted into a malign lipless grin. His eyes are sickly green flames that leave tracing lines in the darkness. He wears reinforced leather armor made of the faces of countless victims, all of them twisted into pain and anger, calling out in fear and rage. Riveted to his right forearm is an iron bracer that is connected to a length of bladed chain that links to his namesake: the axe known as The Devastator. This massive adamant axe is chipped and worn from endless lifetimes of battle, markings and runes of power that once adorned it have been weathered away from the ages.

A hero once lived, one who was more righteous and pure than all who had come before. He led a personal crusade against the darkness that had invaded the world. He fought, died, came back and won the war on hell. In the process he lost many friends and loved ones and saw many horrors that would sunder lesser men. This man was a champion whose faith was his shield against the wounds of his crusade. His task completed he turned to the world he had saved and found he had changed too much to enjoy his victory. He went out and sought greater challenges to conquer and eventually developed a taste for battle. The specifics of his fall are beyond record, but so twisted and dark did the champion become that when he fell he took his kingdom with it and the shattered ruins of its land became the hellscape of Inferrous.

The Devastator has no demonic host or personal army. His hellscape is filled with warring factions of souls and demons fighting each other eternally for a love of war. Wherever on the material world a champion falls into darkness, the spirit of the Devastator is called. His malign soul possesses the disgraced champion and grants them the power to fulfill their darkest urges. Once the champion loses his life the Devastator compels their body and spirit to rise eternally until they are utterly destroyed. When the Devastator’s spirit is not empowering the fallen it resides within its original body in Inferrous where it fitfully writhes in a dreaming slumber, half remembering battles and wars fought ages ago.

The Devastator

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