Epistle Faun

The Faun are a race of sheep and ram based beastmen. Possessing backward bending legs, woolen fur and curling horns. Originally they lived simple lives of farmers and shepherds before the rise of Neesla.

The Hell Lord cursed her own race with the inability to breed amongst themselves, forcing the faun to breed among other races, animals and outsiders to be able to create progeny. It was due to the compassion of the current Avatar of Joliar, Onsk Dufaustine, that saved the race from eventual extinction. The church provides the fauns with the ability to reproduce amongst themselves through church run cloning facilities that allow two faun to produce offspring incorporating the traits of both parents.

This has had an enormous impact on the culture and physical design of the faun. Joliarite whimsy and thoughtlessness have led to a race that has been tweaked and improved with each generation, often without the parents knowledge. The faun of today are markedly different from the original race. As a whole they are stronger, faster, smarter, comelier, and longer lived then their ancestors.

Faun culture has become closely intertwined with the church of Joliar. Most faun become devote priests of Joliar and many others find their artificial conception imbues them with arcane potential. In either case the bulk of the faun population resides near a major church of Joliar or in the holy capital of Jolius itself. The debt the faun feel they owe the church of Joliar is impossible to pay back and a measure of guilt is carried by each member of the race at the thought of showing ingratitude to Joliar and his worshipers, who provide the procreational services and study to free the faun of their curse for free. All members of the species are raised with a healthy dose of unreasoning rage towards Neesla and members of the race that choose to worship her are seen as the worst type of traitors to the species.

Pathfinder Stats:
Standard Racial Traits
Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 to one ability score of the players choice.
Type: Fauns are humanoids with the beastman subtype
Size: Faun are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Faun have a base speed of 40 feet.
Racial Language: Faun
Skill Racial Traits:
Fauns receive a +2 to Knowledge Arcana and Profession Farmer checks.
Other Racial Traits
Engineered Race: Faun cannot begin play with any stat below 10. Faun do not gain ability score bonuses or penalties from natural aging.

Epistle Faun

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